2018 Reading Challenge

Hi Everyone!

My goal this year is to read 70 books. Sounds like a lot but I did around 50 last year so think I can do it! I’m also following a reading challenge I found on Pinterest so I’ll be sharing what books I read for which categories as well as some reviews! I hope this inspires you to get reading 🤓.

Link to the challenge as well as a Facebook group:

2018 Reading Challenge + FREE PRINTABLE

The books I’ve read so far this year for the challenge are as follows:

1. A book written by a Canadian author

The Deptford Trilogy – Robertson Davies

2. A childhood favourite

Charmed Life – Diana Wynne Jones

3. A book considered a classic

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Brönte

There are 52 books in total for this challenge. So including books I started last year and finished this year my total is 7 so far!

3/52 ✅

7/70 ✔


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